Evil Bastards The Color of Greed

Chapter One

December 17th

12:05 AM

Southeastern Massachusetts cities and towns were inundated with armed robberies. Mom and pop liquor stores and C-stores were robbed during a two-week period in early December. Fortunately for Law Enforcement, video cameras identified brothers Jose and Hector Battista as persons of interest. The brothers are well known to Law Enforcement Agencies and are Parole Violators.

When the Boston television stations broadcast their names and pictures, they quit their crime spree and went on the lam in Providence, Rhode Island, hiding in the housing projects.

Their last caper was two weeks ago when they robbed a mom and pop liquor store on South Main Street in Brockton. They grabbed two thousand dollars, cash and since blew the two thousand dollars on drugs, booze and street hookers.

Out of money, in need of a fix and unaware a major snow-storm was brewing they departed Providence shortly after midnight in their 96’ Mercury Marquis and headed north into Massachusetts on Interstate Ninety-Five.

Jose got off at the Attleboro exit and drove the secondary back roads, eventually arriving in the town of Raynham. In Raynham they knew they could make a quick score.

12:30 AM

The wind started howling and light snow flurries started on the trip to Raynham.

Their drug supplier a young gang banger works the same corner day and night. Despite the weather the kid was tucked deep in a store vestibule. When the Mercury pulled up, he stepped out.

The kid stuck his head inside Hector’s window. ‘Wadda ya need, mo fuck?’ Hector grabbed his hoodie collar and pulled his head inside. Jose stuck the shot gun in his face.

‘K, Mo fuckers. I give up.’

They grabbed sixteen Oxycontin pills, five one-ounce baggies of Marijuana and two hundred dollars cash.

Bridgewater, the next town they stopped at a little mom and pop convenience store. Hector bought cigarettes, potato chips, candy bars and beer and paid for twenty dollars gas. Jose pumped the gas. They stayed in the parking lot, drank beer, smoked a joint, split an Oxy and watched the snow fall.

‘I’m a hungry mother fucker you, hungry bitch.’ ‘Uh, what the fuck you think man. I’m god damn hungry.’ Hector said sucking on the joint. He held the smoke then a long exhale. ‘Then let’s get the fuck outta here.’ Jose barked.

1:15 A.M.

By now an inch of wet snow was on the ground and that inch was making the driving on four bald tires almost impossible. And to make matters worse the defroster was blowing cold air. ‘What the fuck. I hate this mother fucking car.’ Jose bitched.

They went behind a strip mall. Jose cleaned the inside windows, Hector cleaned the outside.

‘I’m fucking freezing, man. Jose said. Let’s get the fuck out of here.’

Chapter Two

December 17,

1:45 AM

The Pizza Man restaurant was about two miles down the road.

Except for two outside security lights the retail stores and the Pizza Man Restaurant were in total darkness. ‘Fucking, closed, god damnit.’ ‘Looky here, man. Looky here. Let’s check it out, man. Fat boy be cleaning. Look, a light in the back, see the white smoke.’ Hector said. ‘Yeah, that’s a car. That’s a car, mother fucker.’ Jose drove around back.

Pizza Man’s, Cadillac Escalade was at the back door with the motor running, and windshield wipers going full blast.

‘Fat Boy’s Cadi, I knew he be cleaning, god damn.’ Hector bounced up and down on the seat. Jose grabbed the shotgun from under the seat and went to the Cadillac. ‘Fucking locked, god damn.’

Jose pounded the steel door with the shotgun. Hector got on the right side of the door with his back against the wall. He held a 9mm Glock.

Four-hundred-pound Pizza Man waddled from his office to the back door. Jose kept pounding. ‘Hold on guys, I’m coming.’

Jose’s right foot was up on the door. When he heard the sliding metal bolt he shoved. Pizza Man flew backwards into the edge of a stainless-steel table and fell face first on the floor.

Hector got on his back with his knees on Pizza Man’s shoulders. He held his arms, to the floor. Pizza Man struggled but got up on his hands and knees. ‘God damnit, I can’t, I can’t fucking breathe. Can you please get off of, me.’

Hector pistol whipped the back of his head. ‘Shut up you, fat fuck.’ Hector got off. Pizza Man got on his feet and screamed. ‘You mother fuckers. I’ll kill both of you, fucking bastards. I know who you are.’ Blood and snots dripped into his mouth and his white shirt.

He grabbed Hector’s collar and slapped his face with a left then a right. Hector came back with a punch to his face then kicked him in the shins. He jumped back and pointed the 9mm at Pizza Man’s forehead. Pizza Man put his hands in the air...