Evil Bastards Volume 1

The war between the Federal Agents and the Russians has just begun...

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About Brian Wright: Brian is a former undercover detective, his Evil Bastard series is a riveting crime and erotic romance story.

Excerpt From Volume 1

The Department of Homeland Security has information that the Russian Mafiya is shipping guns, ammunition, drugs and a possible dirty bomb to a Jihadist terrorist cell operating in the Boston area. The terrroists plan to destroy the city.

The shipment from New York to Boston will come via the highway sometime around Christmas. On Christmas Eve, the deputized Federal Agents are calling out sick left and right. No cop . . .

Excerpt From Volume 2

Illicit money, guns, jewelry and drugs are stolen from right under the noses of the Russian Mafiya. They know who did it and they will do what it takes to get it back, including murder . . .

Evil Bastards Volume 2

The Feds think they can get away with anything. The Russians disagree...

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